BlueStacks App Player

BlueStacks App Player is an Android emulator that provides you an edge of using various applications available for mobile phones on your PC.  The program is an indispensable tool to sync apps and use them directly on your Windows device.


BlueStack is a tool which has to be installed on the computer and then you can easily synchronize it with your Android device, in a single tap. Users can configure the BlueStacks emulator with their own Google Play account so as to access all their apps and games easily.

BlueStacks Android Emulator

BlueStacks Android Emulator has a ‘Layer-cake’ technology which allows all the games to run smoothly with full HD graphics, giving us an even better experience of playing them, that too on a full screen monitor. Playing on a big screen automatically offers more detail and clarity without any lags.

Users can configure and customize control on the BlueStacks app for PC to suit their own needs. They can bring into play the keys on a PC like arrow keys and space bar or use the mouse for performing various actions in a game.

Another useful feature of BlueStacks latest version is that one can use applications like Whatsapp and Messenger directly from their PC without having to shift over to their phones to hold a conversation. The camera can also be integrated to allow one to use apps like Snapchat, Instagram etc.

BlueStacks Download For PC

The BlueStacks download for PC has a fully customizable environment which offers support for multiple Windows platforms like there is BlueStacks for windows 7 and BlueStacks for windows 10, as well as ARM and x86 architectures. It also enables one to use Bluetooth to speed up transfers between our PC and Android device.

This App player has the ability to configure with various social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook etc. You can customize Blue stack according to your choice with just few tweaks. The BlueStacks free download supports multi language. This means that you can easily use the app player without the hassle of understanding language.


  • Ability to mirror all apps and games.
  • Integration with keyboard, mouse and microphone.
  • Sync with Google Play account.
  • Fully customizable environment.
  • BlueStacks Cloud Connect to sync with your phone.
  • Supports multiple operating systems & configurations.
  • Bluetooth connection with Android device.
  • Camera integrations and ability to take screenshots.

BlueStacks for PC is a fantastic option for users of Microsoft devices to enjoy all the apps on Google Play on their device and experience an Android environment on the big screen.

BlueStacks 2

BlueStacks 2 is the advanced version with more advanced features like an easy and intuitive graphical user interface. The advantage of this version is that one needs no exclusive training to use the platform. The process of bridging between your Android and PC is just of few clicks with BlueStacks download.

Apart from the interface, with BlueStack 2 users have the advantage of using more apps at single time. As the older version only allowed using one app at a time. Though this platform is growing fast and updating at a good pace with bringing BlueStacks 4 download in the market.


Name: BlueStacks App Player
Developer: BlueStacks
App Version: v0.7.9.580
App Size: 8.6 MB
Supported Windows: Windows 7 & Higher
Category: ToolsAndroid Emulators
License Type: Free
Downloads: 3,000,000+

How to Install BlueStacks?

Once you download Bluestacks the installation process is quite easy to perform. You can get the download link at also. To start with the installation process locate the bluestacks.exe file, you can find it either on or in the write up.

Move further by clicking  the “Next” button. The file location set by default is good else you can change the location. Click on the “Install” button and finally hit the “Start” button to open the software.


With the amazing attributes the BlueStacks app player has become the most in demand Android Emulator by the users. Those who are already using it has already taken their game play to the next level.  Therefore you also download BlueStacks App Player on your Windows device to virtually transfer your Android phone onto your PC in a seamless and effortless manner.


  • Windows 7 or higher is required for this version of BlueStacks.

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