KMPlayer is the premier and most reliable multimedia player which is widely used all over the world. It allows one to play videos in almost any format as it supports a large number of codecs and HD services like 3D, UHD, 4K resolution etc.
KMPlayer for PC allows one to easily play movies with an impressive configuration for subtitles and provides vivid image quality. Not just playing a video but users can even make modifications like adjusting the video screen, noise reduction or altering the speed of a video.
Apart from the video running smoothly one can even manipulate it and apply various post-processing effects. KMPlayer for Windows has a control panel to perform the above-mentioned fact and also to modify the colour or screen.
The best part about KM Player is that one can even use it to stream videos from a URL online or sync it to different external television systems. It has a wide range of skins and themes to choose from and the user can extensively customize the player to suit their needs.
The ‘Video Capture’ function allows users to capture the screen and audio in whichever format they choose to and even add their own logos. Apart from this, while capturing the video, they can choose the format they like and even compress it how they want.
The KMPlayer latest version has a modern interface which gives us the ability to use different shortcuts right from the interface and control playback. Users can form their individual playlists and use different modes like random or shuffle mode and repet mode.


  • Multimedia player which works with a wide range of formats.
  • Ability to play from external sources.
  • Image and playback control to alter viewing the media.
  • High level of customization.
  • Diverse themes, colour schemes and skins available.
  • Individual playlist creation with different modes.
  • Subtitle overlays and application of effects.
  • Control panel to easily access shortcuts.
  • Video screen capture with customized effects.
  • Language support of almost 29 languages.
  • Download videos online via KMPlayer.

Well optimized for user specifications, KMPlayer 2019 even offers plugins for Winamp, RealMedia and Quicktime. It has a hybrid structure to interconnect these plugins along with directshow and internal filters, while maintaining full control of the filter connections.

Name: KMPlayer
Developer: KMP PANDORA
App Version: v4.2.2.12
App Size: 35.5 MB
Supported Windows: Windows XP & Higher
Category: Multimedia > Players
License Type: Free
Downloads: 4,000,000+

Download KMPlayer Free for Windows as it is currently the most versatile and excellent multimedia player, which gives users a topmost viewing experience. It is very versatile, supports various formats and is bound to impress all those who use it.


  • Windows XP or higher is required for this version of KMPlayer.

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