TeamViewer is an indispensable tool for those who use Windows devices as it offers remote access and support using the internet. With the help of it, we can remotely handle other computers or workstations, right from the comforts of our homes. So the next time your friend needs some desktop assistance or you need to manage a whole IT department, Teamviewer is here to save the day.
TeamViewer for Windows has a single requirement, that is, for all participating people to download the software onto their PCs. The users will simply have to enter a username and password to access another PC. Moreover, it is very easy to install and the software is immensely user-friendly.
TeamViewer thus connects multiple people on a single platform and allows anyone to be in control, instead of a one-way process. It is beneficial if one need to fix some problem on another far away device or even to show someone else how to perform some action or task on their computer.
TeamViewer EXE can also allow users to share files by drag and drop function. It works as a file transfer tool between devices, thus saving on time and effort of everyone having to download certain files. It also has a feature wherein one can conduct online meetings and chat with multiple users over its platform.
Privacy is paramount when you download TeamViewer for PC and use it, as all communication and conversation are well encrypted through 1024-bit and 256-bit AES encryption.
The reason why there are many cases of TeamViewer Windows download is that it supports multiple platforms and can connect to various operating systems like Linux, Mac, Chrome OS, Android, Windows Phone as well as iOS.


  • Group devices for optimum management.
  • Intelligent resource allocation.
  • Improved performance even on slower connections.
  • Night mode for easy use even in the dark.
  • User-friendly interface and simple button alignment.
  • Screenshot as well as screencast function for videos.
  • Hassle-free sharing of files across devices.

TeamViewer PC download is also reliable and trustworthy in the sense that one can easily keep track of all connected devices and their IP addresses. It is a fantastic tool to remotely manage your own device or that of others, in the easiest manner possible.

Name: TeamViewer
Developer: TeamViewer GmbH
App Version: v14.0.13880
App Size: 21.5 MB
Supported Windows: Windows XP & Higher
Category: NetworksRemote Control
License Type: Free
Downloads: 4,400,000+

Download TeamViewer for Windows as it is a functional and seamless option to deal with devices in a variety of different work environments, and the best part, it is free of cost.


  • Windows XP or higher is required for this version of TeamViewer.

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